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Laboratorios Dr. Selby is a Uruguayan company with more than 60 years of experience in the personal care, fragrance and fashion market. Recognised for the creation of iconic brands loved by consumers, the company has expanded its presence to different countries in Latin America, offering a broad portfolio of more than 200 products. With a vision focused on innovation, commitment to consumers and sustainability, Laboratorios Dr. Selby has become a benchmark for quality and innovation.

Dr. Selby Laboratories is a leading personal care, fragrance and fashion company with a strong history of over 60 years. Since its inception, it has been recognised as the creator of iconic and beloved consumer brands, establishing a legacy of quality and excellence in the industry.

Today, Dr. Selby Laboratories has expanded its reach and is present in several Latin American countries. Its product portfolio encompasses more than 200 options that meet the needs and preferences of consumers in terms of personal care, beauty and fragrances.

What sets Laboratorios Dr. Selby apart in an ever-changing and increasingly globalised world is its vision, passion for innovation and commitment to both consumers and the supply chain. These core values have driven the company to position itself as a benchmark for quality, innovation and sustainability in its industry.

Innovation is an integral part of Dr. Selby Laboratories' DNA. Through constant research and development, the company annually launches a wide range of products that follow the latest trends in personal care and beauty. Using cutting-edge ingredients and technologies, they ensure that they meet the growing needs of consumers and remain at the forefront of the industry. If there is a trend in the world of beauty and personal care, Dr. Selby will surely be there to offer innovative solutions.

In addition to its presence in the local market, Dr. Selby Laboratories has managed to expand internationally over the past 15 years, exporting its products, formulas and expertise to different countries in the Americas. Its brands have proven to adapt successfully to diverse needs, cultures and customs, and have found a successful niche in markets that challenge, motivate and drive the company in unique ways.

Dr. Selby Laboratories products are indispensable companions in consumers' everyday lives. From the morning routine of getting the perfect shave to the relaxing moment before bed with a body massage using a nourishing cream, the company prides itself on being part of people's daily lives. Through its wide range of products, Dr. Selby Laboratories aims to bring quality of life, comfort and care to every special moment, enhancing consumers' experience and contributing to their overall well-being.

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