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The Importance of staying ´Small´and ´Traditional´

Without a doubt one of the most prestigious artisan soaps brands. In 1970, Martin de Candre was born in Fontevraud (France) from the hands of artisan master André Chapuis. 47 years later, the soaps are still made following the formulas and artisan process that made the brand an artisan soap icon.

Its exclusive process allows the combination of up to 12 pure essential oils. This process ensures that the heat remains and avoids adding artificial preservatives. At the end of the process, the oils are added whilst it is still warm so that the fragrances can reach the centre of the soap. It is left to dry during several weeks to eliminate humidity excess and obtain a soap that will have an intense aroma and will create a dense and efficient lather. The result of this process is a piece of art, very efficient and durable.

When everything is quicker and immediate nowadays, Martin de Candre opts for method and rigour in its soap-making process.

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