Bolin Webb Alpine Shaving Razor R1


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Bolin Webb Alpine Shaving Razor Mach3. This incredible razor is the perfect tool to give you the perfect shave. The handle is ergonomic in design and sports a bacteria-resistant handle that is hygienic and easy to grip. The curves on the  handle allow for a close, pleasurable shave.

Comes in an elegant Bolin Webb gift box.

Bolin Webb is a young company that specializes in premium razors and other high quality men’s grooming products. The razor design is inspired in British classic cars. The razors show the same spirit as the cars and perform at a top level. The razor both looks and feels great. A fantastic product for the younger generation of shavers or those who want to move away from the traditional shaving brands. 

All the razors come with a two-year guarantee.

Made in the UK.

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Bolin Webb Alpine Shaving Razor R1

Bolin Webb Alpine Shaving Razor R1

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