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Vie-Long Best Badger Brush Horn Handle 16750


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Vie-Long started making badger hair shaving brushes in 1940. Nowadays grandson's founder continues making horse shaving brushes using the same traditional methods.

Best Badger shaving brushes are made with finest hair that pure badger ones. Hair length is longer and colour is lighter than pure badger hair. Knots are more densely filled. Also, a noticeable difference on Vie-Longshaving brushes is the finishing on the top. Whilst Best Badger has a regular finish on the top pure badger hair is irregular. That means that all hairs have exactly the same length making these brushes significantly softer than pure badger ones. Bulb shape is given manually to each shaving brush.

Exclusive hand-made Vie-Long best badger shaving brush offered with a natural horn handle.

Overall Length - 107mm.

Handle Length - 50mm.

Loft - 57mm.

Knot - 24mm.

Includes wooden Vie-Long gift box and shaving brush stand.

Handmade in Spain.

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Vie-Long Best Badger Brush Horn Handle 16750

Vie-Long Best Badger Brush Horn Handle 16750

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