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Layrite Concentrated Beard Oil 59ml


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Layrite Concentrated Beard Oil 59ml. It’s not only your beard that is important but what lies underneath. To treat a beard efficiently and maintain a healthy aspect it is essential that the oil applied has the necessary density to get to the pores. Liquid oils provide aroma and but they don’t mend from the inside. Layrite concentrated oil, thanks to its density provides permanent moisture and gives the facial hair a natural look and makes it healthy. Its texture allows it to be applied easily on the skin given that it does not drip or slides. It moistures avoiding irritation.

It contains natural essential oils and vitamins, capable of rapidly moisturising the skin effectively. Does not leave the skin or hands feeling greasy.

Increases thickness of the beard.

Easier to apply that liquid oils.

Light vanilla fragrance.

Made in the USA.

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Layrite Concentrated Beard Oil 59ml

Layrite Concentrated Beard Oil 59ml

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