Noberu Of Sweden Amber Lime Beard Balm 60ml


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Noberu Of Sweden Amber Lime Beard Balm 60ml. Nõberu of Sweden Beard Balm nourishes and protects your beard against abrasion and other stresses.For those who want a thick and rich beard, this is the right product - it both protects your beard and absorb air so that your beard thickens immediately after application!If you have manageable beard, you can use the balm as styling as well.

HOW TO USE IT: The wax is hard in the jar and do need body heat or other heat to be easier to work with.Please use your thumbnail to make it easier to get out the wax.

CHARACTERISTICS: Nõberu of Sweden Beard Balm is a blend of beeswax and oils such as almond oil and coconut oil.The product nourishes and softens but also functions as a light styling product. Thanks to the unique mix of oils, this Beard Balm can make your beard look even more magnificent - drag a comb or brush through the beard after applying the balm and it will absorb air and make your beard swell in volume.

FRAGRANCE: "Amber Lime" is a sprightly and fresh fragrance with notes of lime, orange, cedar and amber.

VOLUME: 30 or 60 ml jar of recycled aluminum

CONTENTS: Lanolin, Cera Alba, Cocos Ncifera oil, Paraffuinum Liquidum, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil, Olus Oil, Tocopherol, Castor Oil, Parfum, Tocobiol.

Made in Sweden.

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Contiene Alcohol Sin Alcohol

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Noberu Of Sweden Amber Lime Beard Balm 60ml

Noberu Of Sweden Amber Lime Beard Balm 60ml

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