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Noberu Of Sweden Amber Lime Heavy Beard Oil 60ml


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Noberu Of Sweden Amber Lime Heavy Beard Oil 60ml. Nõberu of Sweden Heavy Beard oil is a heavy beard oil that suits you with a bigger beard.Beard Oil protects and moisturizes your beard and skin underneath the beard which prevents itching and irritation.

Heavy Beard oil is perfect when you feel that the skin tightens or feels dry.Use it immediately after the shower or before going to sleep.

HOW TO USE IT: Apply the oil directly into the beard - massage right down to the skin for moisturizing, or stick to the beard tops and lengths if you are just looking for that extra shine.

CHARACTERISTICS: Nõberu of Sweden Heavy Beard Oil is a pleasing mix of argan-, thistle and jojoba oil.Beard Oil is fat, which means that it takes a little longer time to absorb and is best suited for cold winter days and your skin and beard is extra dry, before going to sleep or after washing and shower.

These oils are cold pressed, which means that all the good qualities remain in the oil.They are not refined which can been seen by the light golden color.

You can "control" the bottle so that you can pump a half pump if the amount is sufficient for your beard.You do not need to press down the entire pump if you do not want.

FRAGRANCE: "Amber Lime" is a sprightly and fresh fragrance with notes of lime, orange, cedar and amber.


VOLUME: 60 ml bottle of recycled PET


CONTENT: Carthamus tinctorius seed oil (safflower oil), Simmondsia chinensis seed oil (jojoba oil), Argania spinosa kernel oil (Cross Oil), Parfum, Tocobiol (antioxidant, Vitamin E).

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Noberu Of Sweden Amber Lime Heavy Beard Oil 60ml

Noberu Of Sweden Amber Lime Heavy Beard Oil 60ml

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