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Lea Beard Serum 50ml


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Lea Beard Serum 50ml. This has been specially formulated for beards. It contains Vitamin E, Argan Oil and Abyssinia that all have soothing and repairing properties. It helps to prevent dryness, skin irritation and itching and keeps the beard looking well-groomed and shiny. It combines citrusy and woody notes leaving the skin feeling refreshed.

It has been Dermatologically tested.

It is both soothing and repairing.

It prevents dryness and relieves skin irritation.

It contains Vitamin E, Argan Oil and Abyssinia.

Use: Use a small amount on the end of your fingers to massage the roots of your beard. We recommend you use this every day after washing.

Made in Spain.

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Lea Beard Serum 50ml

Lea Beard Serum 50ml

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