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Captain Fawcett Beard Balm Private Stock 60ml


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Captain Fawcett Private Stock Beard Balm 60ml. The story of Captain Fawcett can be traced to the captain of the same name who disappeared after a naval adventure through the rivers of Central Africa in 1905. His fate remained unknown until 1997, when an old chest was discovered containing balms and ointments for the brave captain, as well as a list of formulas and exotic products with which to make them. Today, this unique potions can be your thanks to the fantastic work of the brand.

The Captain Fawcett Private Stock beard balm is made from 5 different creams combined using exotic wax and essential oils from cedar, black pepper, patchouli, and palma rosa. It nourishes and softens your beard, helping you tame and style it. Its unique “Private Stock” scent was added to the balm after its unqualified success in the beard oil of the same name.

It can be applied on a damp or dry beard. We recommend extracting a portion from the tin and warming it a little in your hands before applying it to your beard. You can then use a beard brush or comb to style it.

You will receive the product in a vintage style aluminium container with a screw-on cap, with the image of the captain in the centre.

Made in the United Kingdom. 

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Not worth using

Scent is not any pleasant. Balm applies nicely but have very minor action. Not softens the beard well, neither provides reasonable hold. It holds the shape of a thick beard, but untamed whiskers is out of its power. Very nice tin, though.

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- 08/17/2016

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Captain Fawcett Beard Balm Private Stock 60ml

Captain Fawcett Beard Balm Private Stock 60ml

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