Juniper Laugar of Sweden Olive Oil Base Bath Soap 180g

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Juniper Laugar of Sweden Olive Oil Based Bath Soap 180g. Bath soaps based on organic virgin olive oil, castor oil and juniper essential oil. It is antioxidant and revitalizing, so it nourishes and protects the skin. Thanks to its high content of vitamin E, it has an anti-aging effect. In addition, it is invigorating and ideal for sensitive skin. JUNIPER soap has a mild juniper scent that is reminiscent of cool and wonderful Nordic forests.

Handmade soaps, with a long storage and maturation process that ensure high quality. The product will arrive in your hands wrapped in FSC certified and recyclable paper, in a colorful gift box.

Laugar means in Old Norse "to bathe" or "to clean oneself". Thus, this brand intends to convey the Nordic heritage to its customers through products inspired by natural phenomena and Scandinavian mythical creatures.

Made in Sweden.

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