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Valobra Glycerin & Lanolin Soap 100gr.


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Valobra Glycerin & Lanolin Soap 100gr. In 1903 Virgilio Valobra established in Genova his soap production. Since then strict formulas and traditional methods of the master manufacturers from 18th century are used to produce one of the most well-known Italian shaving soaps Worldwide.

The exclusive use of pure and selected ingredients results in a substance similar to the natural one that protects the skin. For super-rich lather virgin coconut oil from an island in the Indian Ocean is used. Soaps seasoning takes at least 6 months. During this period the soaps become a highly refined and effective agent for cleansing the skin and improving its texture.

This soap contains lanolin and glycerin. It is therefore most indicated for dehydrated and sensitive skin.

Its lanolin and glycerine content make this soap highly recommended as pre-shave.

Made in Italy.

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Contiene Alcohol Sin Alcohol

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Valobra Glycerin & Lanolin Soap 100gr.

Valobra Glycerin & Lanolin Soap 100gr.

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