• Piedra de Alumbre Natural Osma 75 gr
  • Piedra de Alumbre Natural Osma 75 gr

Osma Tradition Alum Block 100g

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Osma Tradition Alum Block 100g. Osma alum stones are made from a 100% natural crystal. Alum is a well-known astringent mineral which has been used as a cosmetic for more than 2000 years. Because even the most agile hands are never shielded from the forgery movement, Osma Tradition Alum stone will allow you to stop blinding any small cut produce during shaving or close any open pore.

How to use it? Get the alum stone wet and rub it on your face after shaving.

Alum Block deliver in a plastic box which makes it ideal when travelling or simply to store it in a hygienic way at home.

Since 1957, Osma offers to customer’s high quality products dedicated to wet shaving. In respect to the craft traditions, rigorous selection of our raw materials, choice of natural ingredients are the values which we always put forward in the creation of our products.

In this way was born Osma Tradition, simplicity, authenticity and quality are the foundations of Osma Tradition product range.

Made in France.

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