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Floid Aftershave Lotion "The Genuine Italian" 400ml


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Floid Aftershave Lotion "The Genuine Italian" 400ml. It is Italian barbers favorite after shave!  Its exclusive formula calms irritation after shaving and refreshes the skin. Main difference with Spanish version is the citrus aroma and slightly less percentage of alcohol which is noticeable in the after shave color, making the Italian version a little bit fresher.
This product contains alcohol.  It cannot be sent by air freight.
It is not possible to sell or send it to: United States of America, Canada, South America, Russia, Ukraine, Africa and Asia.

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Contiene Alcohol Con Alcohol

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The problem is...

I absolutely love Italian and Spanish Aftershaves, EVERYONE should!!! It's the best out there!!! :)

My issue though, is, Floid... The Italian version, smells like the Spanish version, but when it dries down, completely changes scent, to something more sweet, than it already is... The menthol kick, is also weak compared to the Spanish version, although i've never tried the Suave, only the Vigaroso, and i love the scent and feel of that! The Italian version also feels amazing, but the scent changes, which for me becomes a little bit weird, where the Spanish Vigaroso, smells like a candy shop all the way through, and has way longer longevity! And it is 7€ cheaper! But, it is still an amazing product :)

- 12/14/2019

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Floid Aftershave Lotion "The Genuine Italian" 400ml

Floid Aftershave Lotion "The Genuine Italian" 400ml

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