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Myrsol After Shave "Fórmula C" 200ml.


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After shave “Formula C” by Myrsol laboratories. Elaborated with top quality traditional products "Fórmula C" after shave regenerates the epidermis, refreshes and repairs the skin after shaving, leaving the skin soft and toned.

Aroma: it has a pleasant Lila’s aroma with a light mint base.

Pack in 200ml plastic bottle. 

Why ordering plastic bottle? Advantages:

- Shipping cost savings. For the same shipping cost you can get either 1 crystal bottle or 2 plastic bottle.

- Plastic bottle capacity is 200ml. You get 20ml more.

- Easily refill your crystal bottle.

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Made in Spain.

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Myrsol After Shave "Fórmula C" 200ml.

Myrsol After Shave "Fórmula C" 200ml.

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