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Myrsol Antesol Pre/After Massage 200ml


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Myrsol "Antesol", an extraordinary and pleasant massage pre/post shaving. Base in a traditional formula helps softening the skin before shaving and closes the pores without irritating the skin after shaving.

Ingredients: Alcohol denat, aqua, sorbitol, allantoin, menthol and parfum.

Pack in a plastic bottle 200ml.

Why ordering plastic bottle? Advantages:

- Shipping cost savings. For the same shipping cost you can get either 1 crystal bottle or 2 plastic bottle.

- Plastic bottle capacity is 200ml. You get 20ml more.

- Easily refill your crystal bottle.

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Made in Spain.

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Myrsol Antesol Pre/After Massage 200ml

Myrsol Antesol Pre/After Massage 200ml

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