• Set 7 piezas Above de Thie
  • Set 7 piezas Above de Thie

Above The Tie 7 Piece Open Comb H2/R2/M2 Set Atlas & Kronos

Above The Tie 7 Piece Close Comb H2/R2/M2 Set Atlas & Kronos. Above the Tie Stainless Steel 7 Piece Open Comb Set, hand crafted from solid 303 stainless steel.

The set includes Kronos and Atlas Handles, two caps and three base plates

Atlas: The Atlas handle with the classic "Barber Pole" look is 3" long and weighs 56 grams. 
Kronos: The Kronos handle is 3½" long and weighs 71 grams. 

When assembled:
The Atlas razor weighs in at 94 grams, total length is 82,5mm / 3¼"
The Kronos razor weighs in at 109 grams, total length is 95mm / 3¾"

3 base plates are included: 

H2 :The H2 Base Plate is the most aggressive of the solid bar line with a 0.91 mm blade gap.
R2 :The R2 Base Plate is the mid aggressive and most versatile of the solid bar line with a 0.58 mm blade gap.
M2 :The M2 Base Plate is the mildest and most gentle of the solid bar line with a 0.25 mm blade gap.

Kronos and Atlas handles also fit the following; Weber, Tradede OC, Goodfella, Edwin Jagger, Muhle, Gillette Old Type and Tech heads.

Made in USA

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