Epsilon Shaving Brushes Epsilon Silvertip Burgundy Shaving Brush 55/26mm knot

Epsilon Silvertip shaving brush is handmade in Spain. The 2nd Generation of Epsilon Shaving Brushes is now available. Epsilon Shaving Brushes come in different hair types, lofts and shapes to allow wet shave lovers choose the one that best suits their different needs.


✔️ Prepares the skin for shaving  ✔️ All skin types
✔️ They should be dried well ✔️ Require little care
✔️ Ideal drying upside down  ✔️ Indicated for hard beards
Price €123.97 €123.97 tax incl.
Semogue Semogue Shaving Brush "S.O.C." Two Band Badger

Semogue Owners Club shaving brush made with Semogue's finest badger hair. Offered with a cherry colour natural wood handle. Semogue's logo is carved in the handle.


✔️ Prepares the skin for shaving   ✔️ They should be dried well
✔️ Ideal drying upside down    ✔️ For sensitive skin
✔️ Absorbs a lot of water to make soap  
Price €57.02 €57.02 tax incl.

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