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Mühle razors – German quality

Mühle safety razors boast their own characteristic style. The best materials are used: superior quality metals and handles with the most exclusive finishing details that distribute the weight optimally in order to offer excellent precision for shaving. Mühle has been manufacturing all of its products in Germany for the last 70 years distilling all its experience in creating the best shaving products. Mühle razors express class. 

Types of Mühle razors

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In our wide range of products, we offer various types of Mühle razors, each meticulously designed to give you an exceptional shaving experience. Explore our collection of Mühle open comb razors, closed comb razors, classic razors and hex razors for perfection in every stroke.

Mühle open comb razors give you an aggressive and efficient shave. Precision engineered, these razors are ideal for those looking for a close, professional-quality shave. Mühle's closed-comb razor, on the other hand, offers a smoother, less aggressive shaving experience, perfect for those with sensitive skin.

If you're a vintage enthusiast, our line of Mühle classic razors is designed to evoke the timeless allure of traditional shaving. These razors combine vintage style with modern technology to give you an exceptional shaving experience.

Looking for something really unique? Our Mühle hexagon razors are true works of art. Its innovative and stylish design combines functionality and aesthetics in a surprising way. Every stroke with a Mühle hexagon razor is an experience of luxury and sophistication.

Whether you prefer the precision of the open comb, the smoothness of the closed comb, the allure of the classic, or the uniqueness of the hexagonal, our Mühle razors are the perfect choice for a sleek, flawless shave. Discover German excellence in each of our products.

Why choose Mühle?

Our Mühle razors are meticulously designed and manufactured in Germany, using the best materials and artisan techniques. Each razor reflects Mühle's commitment to excellence and perfection in every detail.

When you choose a Mühle razor, you are opting for maximum comfort and safety while shaving. Our razors are designed to provide a smooth glide without irritation, allowing you to enjoy a close and comfortable shave.

In addition to their impeccable function, Mühle razors are a statement of style and sophistication. Their elegant and timeless design combines classic aesthetics with touches of modernity, making them an essential accessory for the discerning man.

Durability is also a prominent feature of our razors. With proper care, a Mühle razor will be with you for many years, providing consistent and reliable performance.

We not only focus on the quality of our razors, but also on respect for the environment. Mühle is committed to sustainability, using recyclable materials and promoting responsible practices at every stage of production.

Choosing Mühle is choosing excellence, quality, style and commitment to the environment. Find out why our razors are the preferred choice for men who value an exceptional shave. Experience the Mühle difference and take your shaving routine to the next level.


At Mühle, we are proud to offer you razors made from a wide variety of premium materials. Each material brings its own unique beauty and characteristics to our razors, giving you an exceptional shaving experience.

The African wood used in our Mühle razors is known for its strength and natural beauty. Each piece of African wood is carefully selected and treated to bring out its distinctive grain, creating a razor of unrivaled elegance.

Birch is another material used in our Mühle razors. Birch wood is characterized by its light tone and smooth texture. Their timeless beauty and durability make birch razors a popular choice among lovers of quality shaving.

If you are looking for something more exquisite, our plum wood razors are a perfect option. Plum wood is distinguished by its warm color and striking grain. Each Mühle plum razor is unique and reflects the craftsmanship and care that goes into its manufacture.

Our olive wood razors capture the essence of the Mediterranean with their natural beauty and unique grain. Olive wood is valued for its rich hue and smooth texture, providing a luxurious and authentic shaving experience.

Thuja wood is prized for its elegant appearance and distinctive aroma. Each Mühle thuja razor is unique as the grain pattern varies from razor to razor, adding a special touch to your shaving routine.

Finally, our black wooden razors stand out for their sophistication and style. Black wood, with its dark hue and elegant grain, adds a touch of class to every shave.

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