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The Trafalgar is the new Simpson line with three superbly crafted brushes. The Trafalgar 3 is made from a single origin sovereign grade synthetic fibre knot. Its magnificent lathe-turned handle with a faux ivory finish is ergonomically shaped to make it easy and comfortable to use.


✔️ Prepares the skin for shaving   ✔️ They should be dried well
✔️ Ideal drying upside down    ✔️ All skin types
✔️ Fast dried    ✔️ Soft to the touch
€28.02 Price

Mitchell’s Wool Fat Shaving Soap 125gr. Mitchell’s Wool Fat Soap was created in 1930 by Fred Mitchell. It is said that sheep-shearers have exceptionally soft hands, due to the lanolin in the fleeces they handle. Lanolin is renowned for its emollient properties. With regular use its effect on the skin is to smooth and soften. People with sensitive skin or dry skin find it particularly shooting.


✔️ Use with hot water and brush   ✔️ More hydration than pressurized foams
✔️ Small amount large volume of foam    ✔️ Duration between 4 and 6 months
€9.50 Price

Pre/post shave Myrsol Emulsion that prepares and protects skin before shaving. It moisturizes and toning the skin. It also, soothes and refresh after shaving.


✔️ Helps regenerate skin after shaving ✔️ Hydrates the skin so that the blade slides
✔️ Soothes the skin after irritation ✔️ Softens the hair
✔️ Especially for hard and closed beards
€14.83 Price


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