A basic guide with the best tips to look after your beard 

Growing a beard is easy, but keeping it clean and beautiful… That’s another matter. If you don’t grow a longer beard because you can’t manage to make it look good, don’t worry, because there’s a solution. You surely have your own routine and your favourite products to look after your hair… So why not doing the same thing with your beard? Looking after it is even more important than looking after your hair. Paying a visit to the barber is always useful, but if you follow a few easy steps you will keep a truly desirable beard for a longer time. Keep reading if you want to get a stunning beard!

Tip #1 – Clean it thoroughly

The hair in the beard area is different from the head’s, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to wash it —it’s actually the other way around. The beard is even more exposed to pollution and dirtiness, so you need to wash it every day. Furthermore, the skin of the face is more delicate than the scalp, so you’ll have to use good products in order to avoid itchiness, dandruff or similar issues. You should choose soaps and shampoos specific for beards and elaborated with natural ingredients, that is, without silicones or unnecessary chemicals. In the catalogue of Gifts&Care you will find a great variety of them, such as the Meißner Tremonia Dark Limes Natural Beard Soap Liquid Glass Jar, with natural oils, shea butter and lemon juice, or the Hey Joe Beard Soap on a Rope, highly hydrating and with a thyme and lemon scent.

Tip #2 – Create a nightly ritual

Are you still one of those people who shave in five minutes, in the morning, right before hurrying to work? It’s not the best way to look after your beard. Consider creating a beard-care ritual that also helps you relax. The best option is doing it in the evening, because this way you will give your beard and your skin enough time for the products penetrate and work. In this nightly ritual, you should also include the daily cleansing of the beard and also the following step: hydration.

Tip #3 – Beard balm or beard oil?

Washing the beard is not enough —you need to moisturize it too, and to do so, you can choose between a beard balm or a beard oil. You can pick the product you like best and best adapts to your needs. 

Beard balm or cream is ideal for those with sensitive skin and tough beards, since it is a highly hydrating product. It’s the best option if you suffer from itchiness. 

However, if you don’t have these problems, balms feel too thick for you and you prefer something that it is easier to spread, you’ll probably prefer beard oils. They have moisturising properties too, so if your skin is not too dry the results will be great too. 

From Gifts&Care, we recommend two of our favourite products, the Mr Beard Family Citrus Beard Oil, with a wonderful citric scent, and the Oak Beard Balm, with notes of juniper, vetiver and grapefruit. 

Tip #4 – Brush your beard three times a day

The nightly ritual is very important, but there are more things to consider. Did you know that brushing your beard also has long-term results? Brushing the beard makes it release its natural oils, so it will look shinier, softer and more beautiful. Besides, it stimulates the follicles and hair growth, so you will see results as days go by. If you have hard-to-tame hair, you can brush it to comb it down, so it will get easier and easier to tame.

You will obtain the best results with a natural hair brush, such as this beautiful Captain Fawcett Beard Comb. You can include brushing in your nightly ritual and do it in the morning as well, but you may need a smaller comb to carry with you during the day and use it any time, such as the Rockwell Folding Hair Comb. But don’t worry if you don’t like any of these two options —in Gifts&Care we offer a variety of beard and moustache combs.

Tip #5 – Style it!

All these tips will help you flaunt a beautiful beard, look after it and hydrate it, but we’re now going to give you an exclusive tip to turn your beard into a stunning beauty. Style it! If you don’t like growing hair in your neck or your cheeks, why not shaving it? You can shape your beard as you want. You can also get a beard wax to help style it, tame it and shape it, such as the Oak Beard Hold. If you’re not sure which shape looks better, you can always ask for our advice —in Gifts&Care, we’ll help you find the best product for your beard and your style.

Ready to flaunt your impressive beard? You only need good products and these five tips!