Our customers speak: These are the best shaving products of 2020

Are you looking forward to trying new products? End-of-the-year lists are always a never-ending source of new ideas and goals —besides, this is the best time of the year to make that change in your grooming routine that you have been considering for a while. You’re not fully enjoying your shaving soap? There’s no better time than the beginning of a new year to try a new one!

In Gifts&Care we’ve already published some lists with the best of 2020, but we’ve decided to do a more eclectic one, with the products that our customers love the most —the stars of our catalogue!

Let’s cut to the chase then —we present you the best shaving products of 2020, according to the customers of Gifts&Care!

    Razorock razors

    This year, Razorock’s classic razors have stirred our customer’s passions —which is not surprising at all. Regarding quality-price ratio, they’re in the first positions in the ranking, they have a beautiful and simple design which is inspired in traditional razors but has something special, which is their selection of colours: green, blue, gold.. Whatever your tastes, there’s a Razorock razor for you.

    What they say about them:

    «I love it. It’s super easy to clean because it has only three parts. I’ve been using it for a year and still looks brand new. Strongly recommended!»— John

    «Best shave of my life. Smooth skin and zero cuts!» — Richard

    Mitchell’s shaving soap

    Made in England with top-quality products, the Mitchell’s Wool Fat Luxury Shaving Soap with lanolin is one of the shaving soaps most appreciated by our customers. Among its many benefits, you will find that it has calming properties. The secret? Lanolin, a natural wax extracted from wool that, as shearers discovered, leaves the skin smooth and highly hydrated. This soap is ideal for sensitive skins and perfect for lathering.

    What they say about it:

    «The feel on the skin is amazing. It’s the best shaving soap I’ve ever tried» —Andrew

    «My skin is really sensitive. Even using creams, oils and balms, it gets irritated very easily. Since I started using this soap, my problems have drastically decreased»— Jaime

    Portus Cale shaving soap

    It seems that the positive effects of lanolin have touched the market deeply this 2020, because the second soap of this list, the Portus Cale Black Edition Shaving Soap, also has it among its ingredients. Actually, we’re not surprised at all that this soap is among the best sellers of the year, because it has many characteristics that prove that it is a true luxury soap: it’s handmade, it provides creamy and generous foam and it is highly hydrating. We must also mention its wonderful citric aroma, with notes of mandarin, pineapple, cedar and salt.

    What are they saying about it?

    «This is the best soap in the entire world! It makes a lot of foam and leaves the skin soft and moisturised» —Daniel

    «It smells amazing!» — Joe

    Myrsol Emulsion Pre/After

    If you prefer a five-minute shave, we’re sure that you already know the Myrsol Emulsion Pre/After, a perfect product if you prefer to shave without a shaving brush and soap but you want to look after your skin nonetheless. It also works as a pre shave lotion and as an aftershave, since it calms all irritation and hydrates the skin. Whatever your shaving style, having a product such as this one among your toiletries is always useful, especially if you travel.

    What are they saying about it?

    «I’ve been using it for years and it works great» — Michael

    Proraso Shaving Soap Sandalwood & Shea Butter

    We end this list with another soap, the Sandalwood & Shea Butter Shaving Soap by the Italian brand Proraso. It’s among the best sellers of 2020 for obvious reasons —its incredible quality-price ratio. It’s an inexpensive product but the quality is still amazing: it’s manufactured with a traditional process and dried for 10 days, and it has all the necessary properties to enjoy an ideal shave: shea butter moisturises the skin and the sandalwood oil has calming and anti-inflammatory effects. 

    What are they saying about it?

    «Cheap and top quality» — David

    So, which are, according to you, the best shaving products of 2020? Tell us in the comments!