How to use aftershave, what kinds of aftershaves there are and why it’s so essential

There’s no doubt about it: aftershave is the most famous product in the world of shaving, the one that both traditional shaving lovers and quick shaving lovers like. All men who shave use an aftershave product! Our dads used to complain about itchiness, but nowadays we know that’s a myth and we have tons of different fragrances and formulas, and also different kinds of aftershaves, such as balms and lotions. Keep reading if you want to know everything about this essential product!

    The benefits of using aftershave 

    Aftershave is absolutely essential in any grooming routine; whatever it may be. The skin of the face is usually the most delicate of all: it’s the most exposed to the sun, the wind and the cold and it tends to get dry and irritated. Besides, blades and razors contribute to stressing it. The least we can do for our skin is to help it a little bit to recover after shaving, and this is when the aftershave comes in handy. These are all its benefits:

    • It hydrates and revitalises the skin: aftershaves have hydrating properties, so they help your skin to be softer, more flexible and radiant. 
    • It has a calming and refreshing effect: if you feel that your skin is irritated after you shave, or even more sensitive than usual, an aftershave will calm all pains and reward you with a refreshing sensation. 
    • It’s disinfectant: it is and astringent and disinfectant product, so it helps with the healing of the little cuts and injuries we sometimes suffer when shaving. 
    • It delays ageing: looking after the skin helps it last longer. A hydrated skin will resist better over time! 

    How to use aftershave

    Its name gives you the key: aftershave is to be used after shaving. Once you’re done with the razor, wash your skin with cold water to eliminate the remains of hair and foam. And yes, you need the water to be cold, even if you feel like using hot water, since the cold helps to close the pores.

    After that, just dry your face with a soft towel and apply the aftershave carefully, especially on the areas that suffer the most when shaving, such as the cheeks, the neck or the chin.

    Aftershave balm vs. Aftershave lotion 

    Nowadays there are two main types of aftershave, aftershave splash lotions and aftershave balms. Both kinds have the same function, but they have different characteristics that make them more adequate for some and less for others.

    Aftershave splash lotion: lotions are a liquid and refreshing product that usually contains alcohol, even though there are many options with no alcohol at all. It’s perfect for oily and mixed skins or for those who seek that refreshing sensation after shaving. Formulas with alcohol are astringent and disinfectant, so they help with the cuts and the injuries. Their main goal isn’t to hydrate the skin, but nowadays you can find splashes with hydrating formulas, such as the Saponificio Varesino Desert Vetiver Aftershave.

    Aftershave balm: on the other hand, the main goal of the balms is indeed moisturising, which makes them the ideal product for those with dry or sensitive skin or for those who especially suffer after shaving. This product is creamier and denser, similar to a light cream. Generally, they contain no alcohol, but they have other ingredients to provide the necessary calming sensation. For instance, the amazing Oak After Shave Balm contains witch-hazel extract to soothe irritation. 

    Besides these characteristics, the most important thing to choose what kind of aftershave to buy are your personal preferences. Maybe, even if you have dry and sensitive skin, you seek the sensations provided by a fresh splash lotion, and you can very well choose that. You can always hydrate your skin afterwards with another product, such as a moisturiser like the Truefitt & Hill Skin Control Advanced Facial Moisturiser or the D.R. Harris Naturals Ginger & Lemon Moisture Cream.

    All in all, both aftershave balms ad aftershave lotions do the job —they protect our skin after shaving. You will find lots of high-quality brands with an amazing range of products. You’ll see that finding your ideal aftershave isn’t hard at all… you may even have some trouble choosing just one!