Classic Shave

5 razors you absolutely need in your collection 

Here’s our selection of razors that any shaving lover needs to own A true classic shaving lover usually has more than one razor in his collection. There are many different kinds of razors: open comb, close comb, double-edged, single-edged… The options and combinations are many…

Classic Shave

The best gift ideas for men who shave 

5 gifts ideas for men who enjoy their shave Christmas is almost here, and, as usual, here comes the classical Christmas panic: I don’t know what to give as a present! Who doesn’t have a hard-to-please father, brother or boyfriend? Either because he has no…

las mejores marcas de afeitado españolas
Classic Shave

The 7 best Spanish shaving brands 

Here are the best Spanish shaving brands and their best products Nowadays, we’re lucky enough to be able to choose among many kinds of products and brands. With just a few clicks, we can buy products from everywhere in the world, and there’s a powerful…

afeitado húmedo
Classic Shave

The 10 commandments of wet shaving 

Are you a wet shaving beginner? Learn the 10 commandments of wet shaving  Wet shaving is more than just shaving. It’s a ritual and a personal experience that improves our wellbeing. It’s much more than a quick shave —it means shaving to go out into…

Classic Shave

The best classic razor blade 

Tips and opinions to pick the best razor blade for your shaving routine  One thing is clear: a good shave depends on many factors: shaving soap, pre shave, after shave… But that doesn’t mean we don’t have to pay attention to the most essential part:…

jabones de afeitar veraniegos
Classic Shave

TOP 5 summer shaving soaps 

Take a look at our ranking with the best summer shaving soaps! Shaving in the summer: yes or no? Summer seems like the ideal time to grow a beard: we wear much lighter clothes, we dress more casually, and we generally feel more free. But…