History of razors
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We tell you about the History of the razor 

From shells to the classic razor: What do you know about the History of the razor?  For some, shaving is a moment totally assimilated into their daily routine. For others, it’s a self-care ritual, an excuse to spend some time with themselves. It’s also a…

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5 shaving tips for sensitive skins 

I have sensitive skin. What can I do to avoid irritation? For some men, shaving has been a simple and pleasurable activity since they started doing it in their teenage years. However, for some others it’s an annoying and irritating routine. Is there something wrong…

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5 tips to look after your beard so it looks perfect 

A basic guide with the best tips to look after your beard  Growing a beard is easy, but keeping it clean and beautiful… That’s another matter. If you don’t grow a longer beard because you can’t manage to make it look good, don’t worry, because…

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Why using a shaving bowl? 

Lathering in a shaving bowl or face lathering – which is better? You’ve probably already realised that the world of classic shaving is wider and richer every day that goes by. Those who’ve been enjoying traditional shaving for a while will find themselves with stronger…

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The best aftershave for the winter 

Here’s our selection of the best after shaves for the winter Generally, the skin needs further care in the winter as opposed to summer, whether it’s dry, greasy, mixed, sensitive… The cold temperatures and the wind usually harm it and dry it quite a lot……

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6 shaving tips for the winter 

A guide to shaving in the winter Do you usually let your beard grow in the winter but shave during the summer for a “fresher” look? Well, then we’re sorry to say that… you’re doing it the other way around! Yes, it may sound a…