I have sensitive skin. What can I do to avoid irritation?

For some men, shaving has been a simple and pleasurable activity since they started doing it in their teenage years. However, for some others it’s an annoying and irritating routine.

Is there something wrong with their technique? Not necessarily, but surely there are some things to change. The problem is that us men can also have very sensitive skin —and any kind of shave won’t do in these cases. You will need the right tools and an adequate technique. 

Let’s see in detail how to properly shave with sensitive skin!

    What’s sensitive skin exactly?

    Generally, male skin is thicker than female skin. So yes, theoretically, the skin of our face is more resistant. And no, that doesn’t mean that many of us don’t have sensitive skin.

    There’s nothing wrong or weird in it —whether you have dry skin or not, your dermis may be prone to irritation, or maybe the hair makes shaving difficult enough for the skin to suffer while trying to remove it. 

    But do you know why? That doesn’t mean that shaving has to be annoying and irritating for you. You have the right to get a perfect shave… and this is how to do it.

    Tips for shaving sensitive skin

    The first rule of shaving is that… we don’t always know how to properly shave. It’s not just putting some foam in your face and shaving in a minute.

    A good shave, a perfect shave, is a ritual with a series of steps that you should not skip, with or without sensitive skin. We explain it all here: 7 steps to a perfect shave

    Once we know this, there are some tricks or additional measures that men with sensitive skin should take into account.

    Tip #1:  Shave at night

    Shaving equals dragging a sharp blade on your skin that will cut the hair growing from your pores —it’s an aggressive procedure that will inevitably stress your skin, so it will need to recover.

    It makes sense to think, then, that sensitive skins will need some more time to recover, which means that the best time to shave is the evening. This way, your skin has many hours to recover and regenerate.

    Shaving in the morning is a bad idea, because we will go out with irritated and vulnerable skin and we will force our skin to face the cold, the wind and the pollution. If you absolutely have to shave in the morning, don’t do it right after getting up, at least —swollen early-morning skin will suffer more. Give it some time, shower or have breakfast first.
    And something else: shaving every day isn’t mandatory either. You can do it every two or three days, so your skin is completely recovered.

    Tip #2: Wet shaving is your kind of shaving

    There’s almost no need to say this, but dry shaving and electric razors are not recommended for sensitive skins. You need humidity, moisture, water! 

    Hydrating the skin is key to shave without irritation, so your kind of shaving must absolutely be wet shaving: pre-shave hydration, quality foam, time for absorption, a sharp blade and a good aftershave for recovery. 

    Tip #3: Choose the right kind of razor… and don’t put too much pressure

    An unwanted consequence of shaving with disposable razors is that, due to its design and safety measures, they make you put a lot of pressure in the skin in order to shave properly. 

    Here’s a fact: you shouldn’t need to put pressure in order to properly shave. A good shave removes all hair with just a few smooth strokes on the skin.

    Of course, to do that you’ll need a traditional razor with the right double-edge blades. For sensitive skins, we recommend the Astra Superior Platinum or, as the veterans call them, the Green Astras.

    The smoothness and sharpness of these blades are perfect for both beginners and sensitive skins —it is incredibly easy it is to shave with them.

    And remember that each blade lasts 4 or 5 shaves! If you shave more times without changing them, the edge will be worn, and shaving will be more irritating.

    Tip #4: No stretching

    This one’s a classic: tensing or stretching the skin in order to shave. Don’t! Maybe you’ve been doing it because you were not using the right blades, but as soon as you start using blades such as the Green Astras you will see that it’s not necessary. 

    Stretching the skin will only stress it more when using the razor.

    You shouldn’t shave against the grain either, since the skin will raise, and the risk of cuts and irritation is greater. With a good blade, you will get a shave just as close shaving towards the grain.

    Tip #5: Leave the moustache for the end

    The hair that grows in the chin and especially on the moustache is thicker and tougher than the rest, so it will need more time for hydrating and softening with the pre-shave lotion and the foam. Do the rest of the face first and when you get to the centre the hair will be better prepared.

    Follow these tips in your next shave… and tell us how your sensitive skin is doing!