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TOP 5 summer shaving soaps 

Take a look at our ranking with the best summer shaving soaps! Shaving in the summer: yes or no? Summer seems like the ideal time to grow a beard: we wear much lighter clothes, we dress more casually, and we generally feel more free. But…

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7 steps to a perfect shave 

We go over the complete ritual to get a perfect shave Shaving is much more than just a personal grooming routine. There’s hair in your face, you want to remove it and you will use sharp razors on your skin to do so, which means…

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How to prepare your travel shaving kit 

The shaving essentials for a perfect shave while you travel. The mini shaving kit Maybe this summer we won’t travel too far —tourism may be changing. But us human beings have been travelling since ancient history and we won’t stop doing it. And if you’re…

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Special Father’s Day Gifts: 5 Cool Ideas 

Father’s Day gifts? Fatherhood is an important moment in a man’s life: you discover the commitment, the sacrifice and the love connected to having a child. That’s why Father’s Day is so important: it’s a day to give them something special.  It’s time to remind…