Classic Shave

Our SOTD for traditional shaving experts 

Have you ever heard of SOTD? Do you know what the acronym stands for? It’s an increasingly popular term among traditional shaving aficionados: The Shave of the Day. It’s used by those who seek a particular shaving experience every day, maybe a different one according…

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Classic Shave

How to sharpen a straight razor? 

Have you decided to shave with a straight razor? We tell you how to sharpen a straight razor! If you’re here, you’ve probably discovered the advantages of traditional shaving… so you’ve surely become a firm believer in straight razors. It’s not surprising, because once you…

Classic Shave

5 razors you absolutely need in your collection 

Here’s our selection of razors that any shaving lover needs to own A true classic shaving lover usually has more than one razor in his collection. There are many different kinds of razors: open comb, close comb, double-edged, single-edged… The options and combinations are many…

History of razors
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We tell you about the History of the razor 

From shells to the classic razor: What do you know about the History of the razor?  For some, shaving is a moment totally assimilated into their daily routine. For others, it’s a self-care ritual, an excuse to spend some time with themselves. It’s also a…