Razor Master Shaving Soap Toivo 80g & Tin Shaving Bowl


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Razor Master Pine Tar "Toivo" Shaving Soap 80g & Tin Shaving Bowl. Razor Master shaving soaps are handmade produced in Finland. Made in very small batches which allows to maintain a high quality shaving soap.  

It is not a hard shaving soap. It is a bit soft, so you can deform it when pressing with your fingers. It easily generates a great lather. Facilitates razors gliding. This has point out by users as one of best features of this shaving soap.

“Toivo” pine tar scent is the most Finish shaving soap from Razor Master range. It evokes the bonfires burning in the cold Finish winter. A very particular scent!

Tar was the 1st Finish product exported since 1570. Kainuu, is located in the North-East of Finland, basically in the middle of nowhere. This Region was the main source of tar during 19th century where Razor Master founder shaving soaps was born. His Grandpa Toivo, who still leaves in Kainuu used to work on tar pines in his younger age. The name of this shaving soap has been given in his honour.

This product includes the Tin Shaving Bowl.

Handmade in Finland.

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Отличное мыло!
После нескольких использования заполняет объем банки. Коричневого цвета, но запах дегтя ощущается только в банке и немного при взбивании пены,после бритья не остается. Пенообразование отличное, так что мыло имеет экономный расход. Минимум компонентов, без химии.

- 01/21/2017

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Razor Master Shaving Soap Toivo 80g & Tin Shaving Bowl

Razor Master Shaving Soap Toivo 80g & Tin Shaving Bowl

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